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Turbo technology is the suggested method for achieving the highest efficiency in air compression up to 1 bar. When the first turbo blower was manufactured, spectacular improvements were visible compared to the conventional rotary piston and screw compressors. Vast reduction in necessary power, the sound pressure and maintenance schedule of the turbo blowers was observed. With the optimization of the techniques used, we have perfected our series of Everest Namwon Turboone Turbo Blowers and simplified them into a universal compact turnkey module. In this process, we have engineered ease of use, control, security and communication into an extremely reliable machine.

Everest Turbo Blowers use Air as bearing system. Air Foil Technology has evolved substantially since the 1960s to become industry standard for military and commercial aviation. Simple and reliable these bearings are mechanical and do not require complicated control systems or external power to operate. The shaft centres in the bearing itself and increases the pressure in the air gap to more than 30bar.

The prevailing force couples are so high that they keep the shaft permanently in the centre of the bearing, even in the case of considerably varying and challenging operating conditions — and thus free-floating without surface contact. The brilliance of this principle is the fact that in operation the air cushion forms automatically — and thus without further energy input.

Turbo blowers are particularly suitable for processes where long-term air compression between 0.3 and 1.0 bar is required. In addition to energy targets, the total cost of ownership will prove that, economically, Everest Turbo Blowers are by far the best solution. Everest has introduced this product under special cooperation with Namwon Turboone who is a specialized manufacturer of Turbo Blowers and has been researching, developing, producing & selling the highest performance products by combining the best technology in each field such as air bearing, precision machined impeller, ultrahigh speed & high efficiency permanent magnet motor, high speed control inverter, automatic control logic and system design.