Everest Flonergia Airlift Pumps

Everest Flonergia's FloMov family of pumps are designed specifically for Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Wastewater Treatment and many other applications involving pumping of suspended solids laden fluids. They offer a well-engineered, patent pending, dualinjector airlift pump solution that uses significantly less energy than conventional centrifugal pump/aerator systems.

With a wide range of readily available sizes, our pumps serve the needs of large and small producers/plants. Everest FloNergia offers custom designed solutions for a wide variety of applications and sizes.

Everest FloNergia FloMov pumps are perfect solution for providing water circulation and aeration in a single device for your application.

Benefits include:

  • 50–70% less energy usage compared to systems using centrifugal pumps.
  • Improved water aeration with the ability to operate using other injection gases if needed.
  • High ability to handle solid water mixtures.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements-no moving parts.
  • Reduced noise levels.

Everest FloNergia FloMov pumps are best integrated with Regenerative Blowers to maximize energy savings. Regenerative blowers provide the required air flow rates at the required pressure range with higher efficiency than alternatives such as compressed air.