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High-Speed Centrifugal Blowers and Air Knife Systems

Explore Our High-Speed Blowers and Air Knife Systems

Everest High-Speed Centrifugal Blowers & Air Knife Systems are the most professional Air Knife Drying systems designed to meet specific application needs while maximizing energy efficiency and lowering operating costs. The technology is derived from the world’s advanced design concepts and decades of experience in blower industry.

Phoenix (Belt Driven) & Challenger (Direct Drive) Series are available with higher efficiencies, lower energy consumption, longer service life, wider applicability and unparalleled control systems. A wide range of air knives including Stainless steel air knives, Aluminium alloy air knives, Coanda effect air knives, Stainlesssteel high-speed nozzles, Spider air knives, Super air knives & Air wipes are also available for various drying & blow off applications.

When coupled with a professionally designed air delivery device, centrifugal air blowers provide superior blow off, drying or air rinsing, to improve product quality, while reducing energy usage by 50-80%. Because of these energy savings, the return on investment (ROI) for an Everest High Speed Centrifugal Blower is often about one year.