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Side Channel Blowers for Various Applications

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Everest Side Channel Blowers, also known as Regenerative Blowers / Vortex Blowers / Ring Blowers / Turbine Blowers, are designed for all areas where pulsation-free vacuum and pressure services are required. Units may be installed horizontally or vertically. The die-cast Aluminium construction makes this a very robust product. Sealed-for-life bearings, a fan-cooled drive and a non-contact impeller all ensure that the Everest Side Channel Blowers are maintenance-free. Everest Side Channel Blowers are exceptionally environment-friendly, as they require no operating fluids. An internal silencer allows the Everest Side Channel Blowers to run very quietly, whilst the drive has energy-efficient motors. Special Anti-Corrosion blowers for highly corrosive environments & Anti-Explosion blowers for highly explosive environments are also available.